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Le stanza della memoria/Rooms of the memory
Place:TRANI, IV Biennale 'Il de Nittis'
Date:18.May- 06.June 2007
IV Biennale ‘Il De Nittis’

“Culture a Confronto”
“Le Stanze Della Memoria”
18 May – 6 June 2007
Federician Rooms, Svevo Castle, Trani

The “Giuseppe De Nittis Foundation” in collaboration with “ArteXArte Foundation” has organized important artistic and cultural events for the year 2007 following the success of the previous manifestation at the Svevo Castle of Barletta which saw Italian and foreign artists as protagonists in the historical and monumental places of the city of Barletta and in the Puglia Region. With the collaboration of Regional Institutions, the Bari Province, the Municipality of Barletta and Trani, two qualified exhibitions of visual arts reserved for emergent and professional artists have been planned for the year 2007. The first of these two exhibitions, taking place in Trani, will be an international selection of artists coming from european and non-european countries. Paola Trevisan will be the curator of this international selection.

All participant artists have been selected among a narrow list proposed by the art critic and journalist Valerio Grimaldi who will be the Art Director of the whole manifestation.

The important frame created by these impressive exhibitive locations, the quality of the participating artists with their various expressiveness and sensibilities, as well as the Puglia region known for its deep historical, tourist and cultural interest, aims to make “Culture a Confronto/Confronting Cultures” known as one of the most significant manifestations among the panorama of important Italian art exhibitions during the year 2007.

“Culture a Confronto” - A historical and well-established theme in the visual art scenery of the IV “De Nittis” Art Biennial, is structured as a manifestation of national and international importance and it will be realized through a program including two Art Manifestations in two different and beautiful exhibitive spaces in Trani and in Barletta.

In Trani the event “Le stanze della memoria/Rooms of the Memory” will take place in the two Federician Rooms of the Svevo Castle granted to the De Nittis Foundation by the Ministry of Cultural Goods and Cultural Activities. This important development will exhibit the International Selection of foreign and international artists curated by Paola Trevisan. The Federician Rooms are architecturally relevant for the impressiveness and the severe majesty Federico II of Svevia wanted for his Castle with its suggestive view overlooking the sea and with its bearing walls showing the different historic periods.

“Culture a Confronto”, the theme of the Biennial, divided between Barletta and Trani, assumes even more importance because in the same period there will be the official opening of the Pinacoteca/Art Gallery De Nittis inside the Palazzo della Marra where there will be an important exhibition in which Pierre August Renoir and Federico Zandomeneghi will confront Giuseppe De Nittis, the art master (Barletta 1846- Saint-Germain-en-Laye 1884). De Nittis is one of the few Italian artists to be able to enter the current of international impressionists, and he has managed to perfectly join his regional and Italian past with the artistic needs acquired in his long stays aboard.

Cauliflower #11 . 004/030 April 2007

The De Nittis Foundation – in collaboration with the Ministry of Monuments and Fine Arts – having created in the 2003 the “Quadreria (Picture Art Gallery) of Trani Castle” thanks to a donation of 37 artworks from national and international artists, anticipates an enlargement of this Quadreria. During the exhibition, the art director Valerio Grimaldi will select some of the participant artists who will have the chance (under their agreement, of course) to donate one of their artworks that will become part of the permanent collection exhibited in the Museal Rooms of the Castle. The Castle is a tourist destination for over 100.000 Italian and foreign visitors every year.

For further information about the Quadreria, please contact Valerio Grimaldi valerio.grimaldi@alice.it
Julien Vonier
phone +41 44 463 80 10